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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


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1. I have just made a long evening dress in floral chiffon. The bodice is plain and has self-material shoulder straps. Now it is too plain. How can I put some pep into it without messing the whole thing up?

My idea is to sew a ruffle of the same material across the front and back of the bodice. That will pretty the dress up without too much effort on your part.

2. My measurements come in between the regular ones. Are there patterns for 84 cm bust, hips 89 cm?

Yes, half-size patterns. They are designed for figures with a short back-waist length and with the waist and hip line larger in proportion to the bust.

3. I have just bought a beautiful fur coat and need advice on its care. Should I hang it on a padded hanger? How should it be cleaned and how often? Can I wear it in the rain? How should I store it in summer?

Caring for a fur is really no problem at all. Hang your coat on a plain wooden hanger or a padded one and keep it in the coolest closet you have. Since furs need freely circulating air to keep the skin from drying and the hair from being crushed, don't hang it in a plastic bag. Don't moth-proof your coat with chemical sprays, camphor, etc - they'll only damage the hairs.

Rain won't damage your coat (although it was never intended as a raincoat), but if it gets wet, shake it out and hang it on a hanger away from direct heat and let it dry naturally. Have it cleaned about once a year by a professional fur cleaner.

4. What style of neckline would suit a person who has a thick neck? Yes, that's my problem. I'd love to wear some of those super chokers and chains. Could I, or are they just not for me?

A deep V-neck would be most flattering to you. Stay away from chokers and hefty over-sized beads. Keep neckline colors the same tone as your bodice and as uncluttered as possible.



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