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Charity: Make-A-Wish Foundation of Western Pennsylvania
Fossil Location: 30 Isabella St., one block from PNC Park, North Side
Auction Price: $13,500
Toys, found objects
Theme: The fantastical nature of dinosaurs

Toyrannosaurus About the Design
Renee Dupree: "I would definitely describe myself as a POP artist. I chose pop art probably as a result of my retail store in Pittsburgh's South Side, called GROOVY Pop Culture Emporium. For the past nine years I have been selling collectibles, mostly toys. I have acquired a warehouse of art supplies as a result of many years of collecting and doing business. Most often I use toys in my artwork, and so naturally I would love to construct a toy-covered dinosaur!

Sold!"The toys include dice, marbles, game pieces, dominoes, checkers, army men, matchbox cars, plastic figurines, cake decorations, lego's, doll accessories, trinkets, and a large array of small plastic toys."

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