Get your own Dino!

The DinoMite Auction has ended!

Our prehistoric friends are now finding their way to their new homes. 
Start looking for the DinoMite Dinosaurs to appear in neighborhood backyards
and in front of local businesses and your favorite organizations!


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Remember, a number of sponsors selected not-for-profit charities as 50% recipients of the auction funds! By buying a dinosaur, you helped Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Pittsburgh's finest charities.

Are you a winning bidder?
Please contact logistics manager Brian Reneski at (412) 401-9094 to inform him that you have won the bid on a dinosaur.  Brian will provide the exact weight and dimensions of your dinosaur, as well as answer any questions you have about delivery. Also, please read the general information below about Shipping and Delivery.

Eventually your dinosaur may be damaged, or you may just wish to spruce it up a bit.   Brian Reneski is also offering repair and restoration services for vandalism, maintenance, clear-coating, and other situations.  Please contact him at (412) 401-9094 for pricing.  Note:  The dinosaurs are works of art and are protected by copyright.  Restoration does not allow for alterations to the original design.

Shipping and Delivery Information
This information is for approximate ranges only and shipping for each dinosaur will be determined based on size, weight and final destination, including but not limited to placement, location, steps, long distances etc. For a more accurate quote please call the contacts listed below. These companies are working in partnership with DinoMite Days; however, you are free to choose your own provider.

Local Shipping within a 75-mile radius of Pittsburgh, PA by J.P. Contracting:
- Jeff Peifer, 412-655-5626 or

White-Glove Service provided by Weleski Transfer, agents for Atlas Van Lines (door-to-door, pad wrap, air-ride service):
- Chuck Navalinskas, Tarentum, PA
- Toll free: 888-224-3330 x352
- Fax: 724-224-3175
- Email:

Extinction? Estimated White-Glove Shipping Costs:
300 miles: $563
500 miles: $675
1000 miles: $948
1500 miles: $1,245
2000 miles: $1,468
2500 miles: $1,641

Delivery Period and Pickup:
Distribution services will be targeted for Monday-Friday unless other arrangements are made. Twenty-four (24) hours’ notice is required for pickup by a Shipping Company. Pickup by Private Party is by appointment only: contact Brian Reneski, 412-401-9094 or

Due to the creative nature of the project, measurements will vary. When arranging shipping, we will weigh the animal and give you the exact weight and dimensions. Average dimensions for dinosaurs are:

Torosaurus: Height 72", Length 108", Width 36", Weight without base 140 lbs., Weight with concrete pad base 440 lbs.

Stegosaurus: Height 78", Length 108", Width 36", Weight without base 140 lbs., Weight with concrete pad base 440 lbs.

Tyrannosaurus rex: Height 92", Length 120", Width 40", Weight without base 170 lbs., Weight with concrete pad base 600 lbs.

Have a few questions first?  Write to us at

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