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Geniusaurusare proud to present DinoMite DaysSM, an event that turned back the clock to the Age of Dinosaurs!

This event celebrated Carnegie Museum of Natural History's reputation for scientific excellence, while showcasing the talents of established and emerging artists.

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Cogitatio Aeterna"TIME MARCHES ON, so it's only natural that Pittsburgh's age of the dinosaurs would come to an end. They were not real dinosaurs — not like the county row offices — but the fanciful re-creations of dinosaur-inspired artists. For four months, the herd of 100 DinoMite Days dinosaurs brightened many parts of the region as Amazing Handsa fund-raising venture for Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which, of course, is renowned for its dinosaur bone collection. The dinosaurs have been auctioned off to raise money for renovation of the museum's Dinosaur Hall, as well as charities....Pittsburgh will miss these wonderful creatures. Indeed, nothing like it has been seen around here since prehistoric times."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sunday, November 02, 2003

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